Civil Litigation in Harlan, Iowa

Through our civil litigation practice, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants by advocating for a just outcome on behalf of our clients. Civil litigation involves disputes such as personal injury matters, property damage claims, estate and fiduciary litigation, and business and contract disputes.

Litigation Process

While all cases are different, civil litigation generally follows a standard model:

  • We first meet with our client to discuss facts and investigate the available evidence.
  • After an initial meeting, we will research available legal theories, draft and file documents, and make necessary service.
  • A defendant must answer the allegations of the lawsuit within 20 days of receiving notice of the lawsuit.
  • Following the answer, the parties will engage in the discovery process. The discovery phase includes requesting, producing, and reviewing documents, and interviewing and deposing possible witnesses.
  • Upon completion of the discovery process, the parties can present motions to the court to argue issues of the case, including the dismissal or disposition of the entire case.
  • If the case is not settled or dismissed, a case will proceed to trial.

Our goal is to fight for your claims and rights while advising you of your outlook, options, risks, and costs. We offer experience and drive to pursue or defend your case.

Costs of Litigation

We represent clients through hourly billing or contingent collections, in which a client only pays if the case yields a recovery. We also offer alternative arrangements, as agreed upon at the start of a case.